I'm a user-interface designer from Norfolk, Virginia that likes self-initiated projects and finding inspiration at unlikely times and places. I like to get involved with local startup and UX events. I like to mentor and share my experience as a designer.

I'm also a co-founder and designer of TutoriALL, a DIY mobile app that lets you take photos and enter step-by-step text.

I also made a free online picturebook called, Hubert and Shubert: Helping Others to help disaster relief for typhoon Haiyan victims.

You should send me a message or follow me onTwitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble and Instagram. Sometimes I blog too. I'd love to hear from you!

User Interface

User Interface


Logos & Icons

Logos & Icons

Homes Connect Lead Manager

Concept user-interface design for a lead manager app that quickly notifies realtors of potential leads interested in a property. A realtor could accept or decline these incoming requests, see the property the lead's interested in and keep track of their interaction with each lead. More Details (PDF)

Homes Connect Broadcaster

Concept user-interface design that uses a Twitter-style layout to mass post a listing to an agent website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. More Details (PDF)


A DIY mobile app that lets you take photos, enter step-by-step text, publish and share through social media. Free download

Norfolk Airport

This is a personal project where I re-aligned the existing Norfolk Airport's website design to give it a purpose and possibly get more usage/conversion rates. I wrote about it here.

NBT Website

New website design for NBT Solutions that included a new logo.NBT Solutions