Catpurrsand Logo

Ampersands & Cats:

One evening last year I doodled ampersands and thought it'd be cool if it looked like a cat.


Just Couldn't Wait To Render:

I was stoked about the doodles and wanted to print a few t-shirts, so I picked a design to render to show my feline-loving friends.

version 1

Taming The Beast (Not Really):

The first rendering was a bit wide and I wanted to use as much of the shirt's length as possible, so I slimmed down the final version.

final version

Shirts For A Good Cause:

I shopped around for local printers and came across Prince Ink in Hampton, VA, about 30 mins from where I live. I dug their style and I’m all about helping local businesses, so I contacted them for a quote.

After a week and a half, my shirts were ready to be picked up and I loved how they turned out! They used a pigment discharge process so you won’t feel the ink at all after the first wash. It’s very comfortable!

I included a sticker, button and a personalized thank you note for each customer. I sold a few shirts and donated 20% 50% to Street Light Orphanage in one of the affected areas in the Philippines that Typhoon Haiyan hit.

This is one of my favorite projects because my art finally found a voice in helping others.